FEMA Concentration Camps Are For American Citizens

I have always heard the rumors that Halliburton was building internment camps out west to house either Muslim or enemies of the US.  I really don't believe that because they can't even hold them in 'git-mo.  They may be used for dissidents and Malcontents of the New World Order.  You know, people who believe in the first ten amendments to the Constitution that are called the BILL OF RIGHTS - primarily the TENTH AMENDMENT.  
Be very afraid of this enemy to liberty and justice. The only way citizens will be able to protect themselves, is to ARM themselves. If you don't have a gun - get one!
Why is the Army National Guard now advertising on Monster.com for "Internment/Resettlement specialist."
Interment camp
Here is a satellite image of an internment/Resettlement camp in Wyoming


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