Enigmatic Anomalies paranormal investigators

Kevin Thomas Kehl and George McGee are paranormal investigators. Their group is Enigmatic. Anomalies from the Tampa Bay area. They specialize in ghost busting or hunting but they are involved in all things paranormal.

I met them last January when they had me as a quest on their internet TV show. We have developed a working relationship since then.
They do come prepared. You can see the equipment boxes they have and they are full of high tech gear used in ghost hunting. I got to use an EMF detector that was cool.

The search was a success. We started out by hiking out to the beach past the quartermaster office, and civilian and NCO housing. These guys had a real mosquito problem ...not the officers. Their quarters were on the point facing Egmont key where the most wind is at. This keeps the mosquitos at bay which provides comfort to the officers. Back at the fort we got key words out of ghost radar, such as, accurate, movie, Egypt, fed, die, death and hell. You can make from this what you want. I believe something is going on.


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