McKenzie River Bigfoot Video Is A Hoax

Left arm, right arm, head exposed
and holding a towel in the right hand.
Last July Animal Planet aired an episode of Finding Bigfoot shot in Oregon. The crew was on the Mckenzie River were a group of fly fisherman shot a video on a rafting expedition that seems to show a Bigfoot standing on the rocks overlooking a class 3 river rapids known as "the fish field." The video eventually showed up on YouTube (18 months later).

The Finding Bigfoot crew, led by Matt Moneymaker, wanted to get to the bottom of this sighting and they went out on a raft boat and video taped Bobo standing on the same rocks. Ranae Holland compared their video with the original, claiming it could have been a human standing on the rocks. The image was no bigger then Bobo, who is 6' 5" tall and Bigfoot is considered to be much larger. Matt Moneymaker believed that because the figure was all black, it had to be a big hairy beast.

I saw something on the TV something that nobody mentioned on that team. It looked to me that the object was removing a shirt or towel while drying off. If so, then this was a human. I magnified this low-res image off the YouTube video, and enhanced it the best I could. It does seem to show a man with a wet suit on holding a towel.


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