Bahamas "Blue Holes" Near Florida

There is a mystery in the Bahamas that scientist are just now beginning to understand - the Blue Hole Phenomena. They are circular holes in the water near shoreline that are a very dark blue and seem to plunge endlessly into the abyss. Scientist have wondered what they contain for decades. Fossils of unknown animals? Evidence of Atlantis? Researchers will reveal what they found in next months National Geographic magazine.

In a submerged cave off of Andros Island the cave divers have found amazing things.

  • Specialized "chemosynthetic" bacteria that live without oxygen and feast on chemical reactions possible only in the caves.
  • Stalactite curtains, or "speleothems," that contain a record of past sea level and climate conditions locked in their structures
  • Fossils of Lucayan tribe members who lived on the islands until the 1500s.
Coastal regions of Florida throughout the Gulf Of Mexico region have similar limestone formations that contain vast amounts of fresh water that make important for the survival of increasing populations.


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