UFO rods filmed in Florida

Many people have heard of UFO rod theory put forth by Jose Escamilla, a film maker and UFO researcher. He believes they are UFO's flying so fast that only video cameras can capture them. Escamilla first video taped rods in Roswell New Mexico when he was filming a documentary. They are either large objects far off or smaller objects up close. Critics say it is exploitation of video artifacts and that rods advocates are simply hoaxing up what are flying bugs, not alien in nature.
In the two images below show a classic rod flying by me as I was looking for Bigfoot. I have also captured rods twice on trail cams. I believe they are zipping insects. Some believe they are alien insects. You decide.

A classic rod can be seen to the right in this image (near the top of my walking stice). Then, it moves to the right side of my head


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