Bigfoot Film And The Scale Of Inquiry

I watched the Monsterquest episodes when they put the Patterson film to computer analysis in an attempt to prove it, or debunk it. They had some athlete guy try to mimic the motions of the sasquatch on the film. They claimed he could not do it. That seems kind of strange. Is not walking, just walking? This image of how easy that would have been came from a six year old book!

I have only been around the bigfoot world for a little over a year. What I have found out is there is no governing body. Unlike the UFO people with MUFON, that train researchers to do investigations, nothing like this exist in the bigfoot community, and that I believe is at the heart of the problem, and leads to the perpetuation of the bigbfoot folklore and not the advancement of science.

There are only factions that are trying to put their work out as the purist, or most scientific all the while not really finding much evidence. And they seem to be very jealous of all others. The biggest group is a very closed society called BFRO. They do not except members, and do everything in secret yet wanting people for some reason to think they are best at this.

Considering how long they have been around, why did it take an independent researcher to uncover some interesting stuff. Greg Long, in his book - The Making Of Bigfoot - The Inside Stroy analysis the whole episode leading up to the Patterson/Gimlin film. The work is very extensive and complex. It puts together a story of lies and deceit and an attempt by a shady dude (patterson) to get a big payday. What I find interesting is the Patterson film itself.

Supporters of the film say that no human could reproduce the gait of the animal. Is that so? Bob Heironimus (shown in the photo above) claims he was the one wearing the suit that day Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlim faked the film. This photo shows that when put to scale, the creature was a little over six feet and the same height as Heirominus. Very strange that BFRO does not have this on their website.


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